Frequently Asked Questions

What can I paint as a whiteboard?

Almost anything that is smooth can be used as a whiteboard. The smoother the better! We have painted plaster walls, plastic tables, and steel shelving.

How do I apply the paint that is sold on this site?

Refer to the product pages for more information on individual products, be sure to follow the directions to the letter and remember that surface preparation is the key, the smoother the surface the better the result!

Where can I find instructions on how to apply the paints sold on this site?

Directions for application can be found on the product information page, an easy way to find each product we sell is to look at the list of products on our sitemap

How smooth does the surface need to be before I apply the paints?

We have found that the smoother the wall prior to application the better the white or black board works. If there are too many divots the erasers can’t get in there to wipe the marker or chalk off the wall!   

Can I have a coloured whiteboard?

Yes. Use Resene clear whiteboard paint. Simply apply over your existing light coloured wall paint or if you’re looking for a colour change, apply your new colour then apply Resene Write-on Wall Paint over the top

Can I paint the wall with a magnetic primer then with white or black board paint?

We tried this once with the magnetic primer and both the whiteboard and blackboard paints. We applied several coats of the magnetic primer (makes the magnetism stronger!), when we did this we found the surface was a little to rough for the whiteboard paint but still worked ok with the blackboard paint.  

What is better a whiteboard or a blackboard wall?

We like both.

How do I clean stubborn whiteboard marker off my whiteboard wall?

A damp cloth or whiteboard cleaner usually does the trick. You can buy some whiteboard cleaner here.

Do some whiteboard markers work better than others?

Any standard whiteboard markers should be ok to use. We have found the blue black and green seem to come off better that other colours.

Do you have MSDS for your paint products?

All of our products have MSDS and they can be found on each product information page

Can I remove the whiteboard paint once I am finished with the whiteboard?

Whiteboard paint is just another paint product. It can be sanded and painted over instead of trying to remove the paint

Can I paint over the whiteboard wall with normal paint?

Yes absolutely, just give it a light sand and paint over it.

Does the paint have a strong odour?

Some of the products are almost odourless “rustoleum dry erase paint” for example, has almost no smell and others need adequate ventilation. Please check the MSDS or application instructions for more information about each individual product.

Where can I find more information on each of your products?

More information about the safety of each product or application instructions can be found on the product information pages on this website

How do you ship the products?

Any shipment that includes paint products is shipped with Fastway couriers. Any shipment that doesn’t include paint products is shipped with Aus Post.

How do I contact whiteboardpaint.com.au?

Click here to find our contact details