The White Board Paint
and Accessory Specialists

Have you ever walked through the office and noticed staff scribbling on the walls with makers?  Or watched the kids create artwork across your kitchen wall, while Mum watched on with pride?

Me neither, until I came across Whiteboard Paint. 

It’s not that the boss has lost his mind or Mum is just really relaxed … with Whiteboard paint, you can just rub it off!  Whiteboard paint creates a clean, smooth surface for you to create lists or artwork on any wall in the home or office, or even on table tops.  It looks just like paint, except that you can write on it.

So where do you buy it?

We searched high and low for Whiteboard Paint. We couldn’t find it at paint stores or large hardware chains, and we couldn’t find anyone that was selling it online in Australia, nor could it be shipped here. What to do?

We tested overseas brands, arranged our own shipping and have brought Whiteboard Paint to you… yay!

Now we don’t only sell whiteboard paint that but also:

So go try some of this magic paint! Everyone will ask you where you found it.